Equipment for protection and securing loads in commercial vehicles

Delignit® standard equipment solutions

The Delignit concern’s original equipment (OEM) activities for equipping light commercial vehicles with  protection and securing loads under the separate Delignit® brand.

Delignit® Floor Professional

Delignit® Floor Professional with integrated lashing rails together with Delignit® Lashing Point (DLP) installation fittings. DEKRA-certified load protection equipment in accordance with DIN ISO 27956 and DIN-EN 12195

Delignit® Lining Professional

Delignit® cargo space protection doesn’t end at the floor. The roof panels can also suffer damage in the heat of the moment. Products such as roof panels round off the product range in an upward direction. Installation is self-explanatory and does not damage the vehicle bodywork.

Delignit® Multifunction Rail

The Delignit® multifunctional rail offers a variety of options for integrating additional equipment solutions (e.g. fixing vehicle equipment, partitions, etc.).

Delignit® Wheel-box and Step Tread Entry

Delignit® wheel box cover panels offer ideal protection, give additional storage for important utensils and offer the option of securing loads to wheel arches. At the same time, sensitive loads are protected by the rounded-off corners. The step offers the option of using the entire width of the cargo area, for example to transport goods, and also creates additional storage space.

VANYCARE® solutions for the after-sales area

The Delignit concern’s activities in the area of retrofitting light commercial vehicles with cargo space protection equipment and load securing take place under the separate VANYCARE® brand.

VANYCARE® equipment systems provide solid protection for vehicle bodies and in addition set new benchmarks in the area of certified load securing in accordance with the new DIN ISO 27956 and DIN-EN 12195 standards. VANYCARE® Quick Fix-In installation fittings provide an additional load securing option by integrating factory-made load lashing points into the vehicle. The patented Delignit® Lashing Point (DLP) installation fittings and the integrated lashing rails in VANYCARE® Professional transporter flooring are an intelligent load securing option which can be used in combination with commercially available load securing systems. This VANYCARE® system is also a DEKRA-certified load protection system in accordance with to DIN ISO 27956 and DIN-EN 12195. A wide range of other accessories for load securing are available in addition. VANYCARE® provides the best protection and the highest level of security in the equipping of light commercial vehicles.

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