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carbonwood® wood-CFK moulded part; this beechwood and CFK composite is based on a material composite of wood and CFK and thus represents an extremely interesting economic and technological material mix approach.

Cost and weight optimisation potentials can be generated in addition to the material-efficient CFK use approach. Versatilely deployable materials with high technical requirements – developed and conceived for innovative solutions.


Delignit® has stood as an independent brand since the beginning of the 1930s as an ecological material for the most demanding technological applications.

Beech-based Delignit® materials feature special technical and mechanical properties (e.g. friction wear and resistance, dimensional stability, breaking load). Beech is one of the toughest and hardest types of wood. It is just 1/10 the weight of constructional steel but has 1/3 of its rigidity. Wood products also represent long-term storage for environmentally damaging CO2 (one cubic metre of wood absorbs almost one tonne of carbon dioxide).

Today, the Delignit® brand stands more than ever as a synonym for application and customer-specific products and system solutions for leading branches of industry. A large number of further subsidiary brands such as Feinholz®, Festholz® and Panzerholz® exist in addition to Delignit®.

Delignit® Feinholz®

Special beech-based plywood for producing models, jigs and adaptors, architectural models, deep-drawing tools and technical applications.


Festholz® is high-quality DIN 7707-compliant phenolic resin plywood.

The basic components of this laminated material are beech veneers and harder phenolic resin which are compressed to form a high-strength plastic.


A DIN 7707-compliant hardened panel material made of a combination of phenolic resin and hardwood with a hardened structure.


The Delignit concern’s activities in the area of retrofitting light commercial vehicles with cargo space protection and safety equipment take place under the separate VANYCARE® brand.

The VANYCARE® principle stands for the robust and wear-resistant protection of the interior of light commercial vehicles, creates a level, functional and value-enhancing cargo space and represents basic equipment for commercially used transporters.

The VANYCARE® cargo space protection and safety equipment package for transporters includes interior floor, wall and bulkhead components and corresponding load securing and installation fittings.

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