The beech in climate change:

resilient raw material source for the future

The Delignit Group feels bound by tradition to sustainable growth. With our raw material base beech (Fagus sylvatica), we are making an effective contribution to combating climate change. With the resource-efficient use of beech plywood and the creation of long-lasting and recyclable system solutions, we see ourselves as a pillar of the energy transition at the end of the circular economy: The carbon stored in the wood is bound in our products and, after repeated use in cascades, used highly efficiently for energy.

Even in the course of climate change, beech has proven to be a reliable source of raw materials. Even in several dry years, such as in 2018 and 2019, the beech reacted much more resiliently than other types of wood and is therefore preferred to be reforested. In particular, the adaptability and drought resistance of the beech stands out: it is already found in areas that are much drier and warmer than usual in our forest areas. An example of this is the Gargano beech forest in southern Italy. But the climatic flexibility of the beech tree in Germany has also been demonstrated here with the low mortality rate of just 0.4% in 2021.

Sustainable raw material base

Area of beech distribution in Europe

Suppy development of beech in Germany, in million m³

Mortality rate 2021 of all tree species in %

Source: Forest Condition Survey 2021